What I’m doing now

I have left AI alignment. See I’m leaving AI alignment – you better stay. Now I’m working as a software developer for Spark Wave on GuidedTrack.

Yet another time I’m switching to a new home page. You can reach it at https://rmoehn.github.io/ for now. Probably I will get a better domain for it at some point.

I’ve migrated most of the content from this page to the new one. I make many small edits to many pages, which is tedious on WordPress. Sorry, WordPress. Vim and the static site generator Cryogen (written in Clojure!) are the way for me to go.

My location is Kagoshima, Japan.

Last update: 2021-02-19

This is a now page. I suggest you make one, too!

Useful and composable: Git branch naming scheme

See Git branch naming scheme.

Useful and composable: gb

See gb.

Useful and composable: git retire

See git retire.

Debugging patterns

See Debugging patterns.

Map clipboard contents and Reflow Markdown


The app GrafNCalc83 is wonderful. It emulates the TI-83 Plus and beats all other calculator apps I’ve tried. (Okay, I haven’t tried that many. But I’ve tried PCalc, for example, and PCalc doesn’t cut it for me.)

I’m not getting paid for this. I’m just giving this app a shout-out, because I’ve been enjoying using it.

Makeshift face touch warner

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I’m leaving AI alignment – you better stay

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Experiment report

Training a tiny SupAmp model on easy tasks. The influence of failure rate on learning curves