Two announcements on LessWrong

Public time tracking

For transparency I’ve started publishing how much time I spend on what. See Time tracking.

Results page

Added to make sure that I’m fulfilling my responsibilities (see job description).

Two analyses

Made a calendar of predicted AI alignment events

Response to a comment on a project idea

Posted on LessWrong.

Ten project ideas up for votes

Posted five each on LessWrong and the MIRIxDiscord.

Comment on a comment on ‘Techniques for optimizing worst-case performance’

Pointing out the possible cause of a misunderstanding. Posted on LessWrong.

Comment on a comment on ‘Learning with catastrophes’

Pointing out that the article already addressed the issue of bad outcomes that the agent can’t be held responsible for. Posted on LessWrong.

Comment on ‘Capability amplification’

Clarifying something that confused me. Posted as a comment on LessWrong.